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1st appointment

Your treatment will be fully explained from start to finish. I will choose a pigment based on your skin tone, hair colour and expectations. Then I will map out the brows/liner and pre-draw for accuracy, finally deciding which shape best suits you. 

Throughout the treatment a topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area, so that you feel as little discomfort as possible, in fact many clients have been known to find it relaxing!

2nd appointment

(4-6 week top-up)

This follow up appointment allows me to perfect the treatment and ensure the pigment doesn’t fade too quickly. It also gives the client the opportunity to go a touch darker or slightly bigger (with brows and liner).


You will be given an aftercare information pack on your first visit.


Your skin can take up to 4 weeks to heal, and for the pigment to settle into your skin. 

You may notice a few patches, or uneven spots, don't worry this is completely normal, and will be perfected at your 4-6 week top up (2nd appointment).

After your first appointment you tend to lose up to 40% of the colour once healed. There is far less colour loss after your second appointment. 

Please be advised no sun for at least 2 weeks post procedure. 

Please be advised no swimming or vigorous exercise during your 7 day healing process.

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