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When you hear permanent eyeliner, you may think, that would look too much on me. Oh, that probably wouldn’t suit my eyes...

...But did you know that PMU eyeliner comes in different styles?

Lash Enhancement

The most subtle eyeliner option. This involves pigment being implanted between the lashes, which creates the illusion of much thicker and darker lashes. I always say this is a perfect place to start if you are unsure. Also, this would be the most natural enhancement for the eyes, making them look bigger and brighter.


This is my trademark technique. I created GlamLiner, as I found so many of my clients wanted more thank a Lash Enhancement, but less than a winged or Velvet liner.

So this is the perfect in between. It’s a smoky soft eyeliner, which is totally bespoke to you, it can be as “Glam” as you like. It is a buildup of pixels, which gives the soft healed results. I’m often asked, “can I start with a Lash Enhancement and go up to a GlamLiner if I wanted to?”. The answer is, absolutely you can! It’s totally fine to work up from a Lash Enhancement.

Velvet Liner

If you can’t imagine your life without eyeliner, but you’re tired of drawing it on everyday, and no matter how good you’ve got at it, some days those flicks just won’t go right! Then this style could be best for you.

Velvet Liner is the boldest style of Liner I offer, yet it still has soft edges so as it doesn’t look too harsh. And as always is bespoke to your eye shape and size. It’s beautifully striking giving your eyes that wow factor.

Benefits of all liners:

Smudge proof

Water Proof

Great if you have make up sensitive eyes

It will save you time

It’s long lasting

Can boost your confidence

Get in touch here if you want to see start your eyeliner journey!


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