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Sophie is working in collaboration with the Whitstable Beauty School, offering Beginners Training in PMU, Brows, Lips and Eyes.


Are you a Permanent Makeup artist who is looking to improve your skill set? 

Sophie will soon be delivering a Masterclass in her patented technique, GlamLiner and 1-1 advanced training in Lips, Brows & Eyes


Looking for high-quality semi-permanent makeup training? Look no further than The House of PMU Gold, led by renowned artists Tily Rae and Sophie Dodds. Our elite training program offers both beginners and masterclass courses in brows, lips, and eyes, as well as comprehensive instruction in anatomy and physiology. Plus, our future-proof qualification ensures that you'll stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends. With a focus on skin types, skin tones, and the Fitzpatrick scale, our courses are designed to help you master the art of semi-permanent makeup and take your career to the next level. Choose The House of PMU Gold for the best in beauty training.

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